August 2, 2010

Vancouver: Day Four

Saturday was our departure day. We were heading home, hooray! We had been homesick for days. It was such a relief to know we'd soon be in the states, we'd be done with public transit and we'd sleep in our own bed. We had a leisurely morning I packed and we checked out at 11 o'clock. We left our bags with the bellman and we set off for the Sky Train. We were going back to Kirin Seafood, this time we opted for the location near city hall since it was a bit closer.

We loved the meal we had previously at Kirin so much we decided to repeat it. It was just as good, but I prefer the Richmond location. Stuffed again, we waddled back to the train station bound for Yaletown.

Art in the station

A quick walk back to the hotel and we were ready to go. Too bad we had 45 minutes to spare. We were so tired of walking we stayed put and read until the shuttle came to take us back to the train station. Finally, 1:30 rolled around and we were on our way. The Sky Train goes right to the airport so that was a breeze. At check in we were notified our flight had a 2.5 hour delay. We now had four hours to kill. Joy. We sat in the food court, next to the only plug we could find. Frank checked work emails while I read. Figures were were so psyched to be home at 6, just enough time to grill, before lounging in the hot tub with margaritas. Our plans were foiled but we made the best of it.

Maybe smokers in the US would think twice, with these types of warnings? The price is enough to scare me. This was at the duty-free store at the airport.

Near our gate, we spotted this sign below. Are that many people traveling with chickens?

We flew Philippine Airlines home. They have food service. How bizarre? I forgot what that was like. The ham and cheese was absolutely disgusting it's no wonder why airlines did away with food, why spend the money on such shitty food?

We got in just fine, customs took some time coming back. We had a dick taxi driver than whined about us only going to MGM Grand. He waited an hour... this was his chance... blah, blah, blah. Valet was insane. Waited forever for our car, but that was to be expected it was Saturday night.

We stopped at In-N-Out to grab dinner. Oh the sweet taste of home. Frank hopped in the pool and I headed for the hot tub. There is no place like home, sometimes I just have to leave to remember just how good we have it.

Final thoughts on Vancouver...

I'm happy we experienced the city, but I'm doubtful we'd return. However, we did enjoy Banana Leaf, Kirin Seafood and Guu immensely. They just might make another trip worthwhile. We found buying daily bus passes at 7 Eleven was the way to go $9 each and it was good for the trains, too. I loved the Sky Train, quick and super convenient. Busses were never on time, so I really appreciated the timeliness of the trains. The parks are lovely, I definitely recommend a bike ride through Stanley Park.

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