August 9, 2010

Scabs & Time

It is my sister's 21st birthday! Poor kid has been to Las Vegas dozens of times underage, and now that she is legal there is no trip planned. Her and Nicky were planning a trip in September, but it looks like it might be nixed. Her and Jeff have found a house to rent. They move in next weekend.

Today is also my dad's birthday. Yep, he got a baby girl for his birthday 21 years ago. They are both celebrating on 8/9/10. How funny?

My mom is feeling older than ever, her eldest is 30 and her baby is 21. I told her it can be worse, just wait until Amy is 30 and I'm nearing 40. Then, She WILL be old. I'm evil.

I mention it often, but I haven't grasped this whole years flying by thing. I can remember Amy asking me to play house with her, vividly, it feels like only yesterday. Her room was always a disaster, I'd have to clean and organize it before I could play. I think that was her motive all along, I could see her being sneaky like that. Now, she has a near 4-year-old son, she's 21 and moving into a house. My little sister is grown up.

On Friday, I found this awesome site I made a video to send birthday wishes to Amy. It's so easy, I bet I use it quite a bit.

Now, switching gears. Some weekends are more exhausting that others. This one wore me out. Not that we did a whole lot. It's just that... well, it's like when you have a wound. It begins to heal, the scab develops and you know you should leave it alone, but instead you let it get the best of you. You pick at it and you're left with a sore that festers. Then, it begins again. With any luck you learn to leave it be before it scars.

We had two family outings over the weekend. On Friday we had the seafood buffet at M Resort. While the buffet is good, and the only one I'll really consider these days... I've come to the conclusion that I am so over buffets. I'd much prefer a sit-down meal. It's one Vegasy aspect that has definitely lost its luster. We hung around and gambled. The crowd seemed much older than past visits, and the games were tighter than ever. Well, we were just unlucky. Lost everything we touched, I switched to video keno to ease the burn and it did the trick. I played forever and kept even. I'm seriously thinking of giving up all games but blackjack and keno. They're the only two that don't give me constant beatings, slots and video poker just haven't been fun. If it's not fun, I won't play. I suppose that is more luster being lost. But not to worry, all in all, I still love this bright light city! It hasn't even begun to fade.

Sunday we took Frank's parents to my mom's for a visit. It's been two years since they made it over the hump to Pahrump. They wanted to see my mom's new house. MIL also wanted to visit the brothels. My mom told her there was a tour at Sherri's Ranch. She wanted to drag us all, but Frank was having no part of it. Visiting the whorehouse with your parents, mother-in-law and wife. Could you imagine? We drove by so she could see. It's pretty anti-climatic. Maybe next time, we'll stop in for a bite? Rumor has it the burgers are very tasty.

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