August 5, 2010

So, Sunday...

We went to Hash House A Go Go at Imperial Palace for brunch. The food is just as good as the Sahara location, but this spot is roomier and more entertaining. One girl got taken out on a stretcher, a group of girls was getting hit on by a group of guys in town for a bachelor party. Just a reminder how much I love Las Vegas.

We went up to the Auto Collection afterwards. They had very few muscle cars, it was mainly Jaguars and Rolls Royces. Two of my least favorite makes. Past years have been more enjoyable, but still it's neat to see. Afterwards, we had no plans, so we drove east from there. Eventually winding up near Lake Las Vegas. We decided to go check it out. I haven't been there since last September. I heard bankruptcy had ended so I thought maybe it would be more lively. Nope, it is now an absolute ghost-town since Ritz-Carlton and the Casino both closed. Only Lowes remains open. It was eerie, desolate, and many the lush greens have died. It was really pretty sad to see.

From there we went to old Henderson, we gambled a bit at Emerald Isle and El Dorado. All of us won some money. We were happy. We went back home and relaxed. Then hunger struck around 9, so we went to Yard House at Red Rock. It was packed, but luckily there was no wait for a table. Yummy food and beer, as always. We were petering out while there. Got home and we all said good night. We were beat.

Shane left on Monday. We have had time for our livers to recover. We've also caught up on sleep. Just in time for the inlaws arrival. They get in around noon today and they'll be here until August 17. We have some fun stuff planned, with any luck it will be a good visit.

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