April 8, 2020

I'd Like to Cancel

I am sure I am not the only one looking to cancel this three month trial of 2020! I mean, golly gee willikers!! Who saw this coming?! I, for fact, did NOT! Holy shit! I was ill prepared. We traveled every weekend of 2020 until March hit. I also avoid stores like the plague - ahem, COVID - from Thanksgiving... until Valentine's day. When the virus hit, I had zero supply of toilet paper or paper towels, I was down to the last of my Clorox Wipes. bleach and hand soap. All are items, I buy -- I don't know? Quarterly?? Honestly, it's nothing I've ever given thought to before. You bet, I will, now! 

I've been asked what do you think you'll be doing after this is over? Honestly, I was never a fan or people or crowds; I was social distancing before it had a name, and I'm a bit of a germaphobe - so, on that front, it has been an easy transition. I want to get back to traveling ASAP, I'd like to think a future of working remotely is possible. And, why didn't I try grocery delivery sooner?

But preparing meals twice a day?! Now, that is much harder. And my goodness, how do I fill the dishwasher daily? We only have two of us, here? Quarantine math does not compute. Frank and I are both working from home and laundry is still a tale told by the never ending story. I really have no reason to complain, though. I have a home with a backyard; windows that open, etc. My heart goes out to those that are truly cooped up, waiting for their turn in an elevator. Note to self: Scratch high-rise living off my wish list.

On a slightly similar note; My sister, man, she is astounding! She is holed up in a house of five with one bathroom and no dishwasher. She's also been left unemployed - unless you can add teacher, chef, etc. to her resume. She is showing up everyday, dressed and hair styled. I cannot say the same for myself. I have not worn a bra in three weeks. Anyone else up for a game of quarantine confessions? No? Okay, moving on...

It's been so eerie; here, in Vegas, I'm sure it is - everywhere, but especially, so,  here - I've never seen the casinos close. Frank and I have gone out for two date nights - quarantine style - by simply cruising down the strip on Saturday night.

I've celebrated my 40th birthday and my 23rd year with Frank since our self inflicted house arrest. My family found ways to spoil me despite quarantine life and Frank and I have learned that there are always uncharted waters to navigate, and new experiences to share - even, after, all these years. I vowed to never feed him to tigers; like that bitch, Carole Baskin. Have you seen that train wreck? I mean no one would have watched it if it wasn't for Corona Life - but I think that might just be the most perplexing part of all of this, how in the eff? Did that disaster unite us??? Maybe, Joe Exotic for President, after all.