December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

Last I remember I was in Paris. Then, I blinked and I've been whisked away to the eve before 2020. How and the hell did that happen?! This year has been a whirlwind filled with adventure. I have followed my heart and it's led me to amazing places. I have set intentions some I stuck by, others fizzled out. At least there is next year to try to get right.

I had an incredible time exploring Paris. I came home seriously jet lagged. I slept a day, and then, I was called back to work. Life has been a blur since. I am consulting now. I share my expertise on my terms and my schedule. I might be really bad at quitting, but it has worked out for me. I'm still helping out my sister, watching the kiddos overnights so she can work and pull off doing it all. She's amazing. Those kids are growing like weeds. It's unreal. Soon, they'll all hover above me.

Days after Paris, I flew to Chicago for a benefit to support my aunt and uncle. The lost their home, belongings and a kitty to fire in October. They have had a tough go at it, it was nice to see so many friends and family come together in a time of need. I was reminded how generous the circle I am surrounded by truly is. My heart grew three sizes, at least.

On Thanksgiving, Frank and I set off for a two week adventure around Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. Friends and family joined us to celebrate Frank's 40th. It was not at all the trip we expected, but we did have an enjoyable time. I have that and so much else to share in 2020. Especially since I did such a bad job in 2019. Here's to the best of everything in the New Year!