October 17, 2005

White Sox Win!!!

Champagne and Cigars. Ah! The smell of Victory…

Lets take a moment to revel in our ALCS win. It’s taken 46 years to get this far, we need to let it soak in. Now, we’ve claimed our place in the World Series and we’re in it, to win it…

This series went better than we could’ve have hoped. I’m so thankful we scored tickets to game 5 and that Frank and I were there to witness this great moment in baseball history.

Go White Sox!!!

Our seats were in the upper level behind home plate. We had a great perspective of the game. We were amid a sea of red, surrounded by Angels season ticket holders. Our hearts were racing and the flutter of butterflies was felt with each play. The energy was high and the excitement was hard to contain…

Bottom of the 8th we made our way down to the terrace level in hopes of a White Sox victory. When we arrived we were greeted by handfuls of fellow Sox fans. Somehow we all united, we cheered and waited for the moment to get past security in order to get to the dugout. Our opportunity came and from 6 rows back we witnessed it, the WHITE SOX WIN!

From there, we made our way to the second row behind the visitors dug out. We cheered, chanted and rooted for our beloved White Sox. …Na-na-naa-na-hey-hey-hey, goodbye…4 more! 4 more! …Ozzie! You name it, we chanted it. One by one, the players came out to the infield. To share in their joy last night was unreal, unforgettable and priceless - I love the White Sox winning or losing, but damn, it feels amazing to win.

As Frank said, it was like one of those Mastercard commercials:
2 tickets to ALCS Game 5 $300
1 hotel room in Disneyland $92
2 ponchos from Wal-Mart $4
Having Carl Everett and Joe Crede spraying champagne on you… Priceless.

Here are the pictures we really wish all you Sox fans could have been there with us.