August 31, 2010

Mesa Grill

We kicked off Restaurant Week last night at Mesa Grill. When we arrived at 5 o'clock there were very few diners, I'm pretty sure it was just us and two other couples. But as our meal went on the dining room quickly filled. We noshed on the bread basket while we waited for our appetizers, the blue corn muffin wasn't too appealing the bottom looked moldy. The fruit bread was the favorite, and I expected to like it least.

Then, we got started on our first course: Roasted Corn Soup Smoked Tomato Salsa and Blue Corn Pancake Barbecued Duck + Habanero Chile-Star Anise Sauce. The soup was decent it had an unusual hint of flavor, I thought squash maybe, but Frank thought it tasted more like seafood.

The blue corn pancake and duck were very tasty. Again, the blue corn does nothing for its appearance.

For the main course we had Blue Corn Crusted Halibut with Salsa Cruda, Sweet 100 tomatoes, capers, jalapeno, Fresh Oregano, Basil and New Mexican Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin Bourbon -Ancho Chile Sauce Sweet Potato Tamale Crushed Pecan Butter. The fish was nicely prepared, the presentation was different - thanks to the blue corn it looked liked it had asphalt glistening off the filet. The pork was flavorful as long as you had the crust in every bite. The tamale was unlike your traditional tamale, still tasty, however.

Lastly we finished with Coconut Layer Cake and Banana Cream Pie. Both were good, but nothing particularly memorable.

Service was very good throughout the meal. All in all, it was pretty good it's just nothing was particularly notable. I can't say I'd return, but I'm happy we took the opportunity to finally give it a try.

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