August 18, 2010

Gloomy San Diego

Saturday we started our day with none other than Con Pane Bakery. What? It is that good. This time I traded one half of my Italian for Frank's turkey cobb. So good, but it does not compare to the Italian. It's just the perfect sandwich.

From there were were off to La Jolla Shores so the inlaws could experience the beach. The weather was awful, overcast, damp and chilly. The marine layer never broke away. Still, they frolicked in the water. I watched on from the shore. I was fully dressed with a jacket and I was FREEZING. I haven't a clue, how people were in suits let alone in the water.

Like my beachwear?

After the beach we went to Del Mar Racetrack. We had a table in the clubhouse. It was a real nice track and set up.

We settled in with a bucket of beers, placed our bets and waited for post time.

MIL bet the long shot on the first race, the horse won. She cashed a ticket for $96.

The next race I wanted Star Nicholas to win, but he showed. No win for me.

Frank cashed a winner after Race 3.

The next few races went off, wins were small. All was fun until we saw a horse go down. Nature of the sport, but it's still sad to see a horse break a leg. It took a little bit to take care of her, and clear the track. Fortunately, the jockey was ok. Once all was clear races resumed. The next race had a horse named Bearly Bearable. I had to play it. It lost.

We stayed through the 7th race, which was on turf. Frank won his final bets and we left ahead. It was a good day at the track.

Before leaving we took a quick look around.

The plan was to head to La Jolla for dinner at Whisknladle, but we had a brief detour when Frank missed the turn off. We ended up near Soledad Mountain, which was a sight I wanted to see, only I wanted to visit on a clear day. Since we were there, we decided to stop and have a look. A wedding was wrapping up as we walked up. A shame they had such a gloomy day, the location is stunning.

There's a nice memorial up there, too.

It was FREEZING on the mountain so we didn't stay long, we'll have to make another trip there on a clear day. I bet you can see for miles and miles. We drove to La Jolla, and I hopped out to put our name down for a table at Whisknladle. Meanwhile, they parked the car. It was more than an hour for a table so I called to suggest going to Los Panchos in the gaslamp instead. Frank agreed, so I took our name off the list and walked over to meet them. FIL had paid for parking. By then it would've been a 1.5 hour wait easily so we just left. $3 wasted. We valeted at the hotel and walked over to Los Panchos. Their California burrito was great, as always. We passed on the magaritas at that point thinking Frank and I would return later. But that never worked out. No cadillac margaritas or Whisknladle for me. Boo. That's ok, it gives me the excuse for another trip in a few months. It was an exhausting day, we ended up turning in early. Frank and his mom enjoyed sometime on the rooftop but I passed fearing it would be too chilly. I relaxed in the room instead. We had another full day ahead of us.

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