August 6, 2010

Oh, how I love Fridays

Fridays are great! I get paid, and oddly enough, it's actually the start of my weekend. I say oddly because it is rare for those that work in Las Vegas to be off Saturday and Sunday. Figures during my fifteen years of working I didn't get weekends off until moving to Vegas, and Frank left his Monday-Friday gig back in Chicago, he's been on the casinos schedule ever since. Sunday & Monday is his weekend, unless it's football season. Then, it is back to no common day off and Monday-Tuesday is his weekend. Our weekends with time together are dwindling. Boo. Where has this summer gone? Seriously.

Friday also means another installment of Vegas Values, this week, I share my latest find which also brings more culture to Las Vegas. Give it a read, Vegas Values: The Art of it All.

You can be as random as you want to be because it's Friday, who cares at that point?

As I mentioned yesterday, the inlaws arrived. Yesterday was also Frank's uncle's birthday so we had dinner at Fat Greek to celebrate. It was less than an hour before closing when we sat down so they were out of a bunch since the majority is made fresh daily. No saganaki (their supplier has been out for a month-they're killing us), tiropita or octopus so we ended up with an eggplant dish with sauteed onions and tomato per the recommendation of the waitress. It was fantastic! As far as the rest of the grub we had a combo plate, lamb chops, gyro plate and fat greek salad and we had a bottle of Greek wine to wash it all done. So delicious, everyone was pleased.

Here's a tidbit from dinner that had a rolling. Hopefully, the hilarity translates... you must know that FIL is a man of few words. I mean very FEW words.

We're sitting waiting for our entrees to arrive. MIL and FIL are sitting opposite us and have a view of a mirror. MIL decides to be cute and makes FIL look up into the mirror and asks "Do you see that beautiful woman?" He looks up, sees her reflection and mutters, "where?". Oh my, it was classic.

I ate so well yesterday my scale claims I gained weight. Pad Thai from Archi's for lunch and a slew of Greek goodies from Fat Greek apparently equates to two pounds. Lovely. But, worth every bite.

Something not worth a single bite? That awful broccoli pesto pasta from Mac Shack. I submitted it as the worst pasta I ever ate to the Worst Thing I Ever Ate Blog. It posted yesterday.

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