August 11, 2010

Headin' back to Cali

"Said, I'm going, going, back, back
All the way to Cali, Cali, that's where I wanna be"

San Diego is calling me. I want bread. I want margaritas. I want awesome Mexican food. I want Whisk n Ladle. With any luck the sun will even shine.

Ages ago we started planning a trip to San Diego to celebrate Frank's uncle's birthday. He couldn't make it, but Frank's parents thought it sounded fun. They wanted to go, they've never been to San Diego. So, we're going for the weekend.

I plan to eat. We will also hit Del Mar, the beach, possibly take in a Bears game and go on a fishing charter. We'll be staying in the Gaslamp Quarter. We're going back to the St. James Hotel. It's not fancy but we liked it last December. It's great when traveling with others.

It ought to be fun. However, I'm expecting the longest drive ever. I'm hopeful the bread will be worth it.

I think Con Pane Bakery might just be that good.

I'll let you know for sure.

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