August 26, 2010

All Shook Up

Being a grown up has its perks, but it also has its shit storms. Responsibility. It's such a buzz kill. My mind is being torn 800 billion directions, I'm not sure which way is up, anymore. It feels as though I was living in a snow globe. Everthing was nice, neat, content, and orderly that is until some shithead had to come by and shake my world up. Now I'm stuck waiting for it all to settle. Changes are coming. Change can be good, even when the benefits aren't immediate or clear as day. Everything happens for a reason. That's where I find my faith. It gives me the strength to get through the rough spots and fills me with joy when I know I can sit back and revel in those sweet moments.

But the question remains, how do you plan for your future when you don't know what tomorrow holds? The moment you think you've got it figured out, that shithead comes and shakes the world upside once again. Well, I'm tired of being a sitting duck just waiting to be shook. I want to position myself where it doesn't matter how turned upside down life might be. Not sure that I can get there, but I'm ready to take the first step. I'm shaking shit up before that shithead beats me to it.

As long as I have my foundation - my husband, my family and the city that I love - I should be able to weather any storm. And I'll take comfort in knowing I'm not alone.

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