July 31, 2010

Vancouver: Day Three

Friday, we went to the west end to see Stanley Park. We wanted to grab a bite first but most places didn't open until 11 o'clock. We stopped and had cappuccino and a treat to pass the time. The pb & chocolate square was as dry as a bone.

Finally, Mediterranean Grill had opened it was Frank's choice for shawarma, I had souvlaki. Neither were particularly good, it was a disappointment.

But now we had energy for a bike ride. We rented for a place on Denman, rates were cheap only $5/hour. I got a basket for my camera bag and we were on our way. The park is very large, the bike trails take you all around on the sea wall. It was an enjoyable ride and the sight were lovely.

Check out the jetskis for the scale of this sucker, it was huge!

Ever since we arrived in Vancouver the locals talked about the weather, mentioning how warm it was, and they wanted to hit the beach. I thought they were making small talk, but I suppose they were genuine. It was beach weather to them, the temp was 70. Kids were playing at the splash pad and water park, too. How funny is that they have splash pads, but Nicky doesn't in Chicago - poor kid. I've never see tankers at the beach that was a wild sight.

We stopped at the concession stand near the heated pool for a drink. I gotta kick out of the daily info.

Also, spotted this sign there. There were a lot of smokers in Vancouver, more than I've seen in a long time. I imagine the ban will have some up in arms.

After the ride through Stanley Park we returned the bikes. We worked up a bit of a hunger, but more than anything we were disappointed by our last meal so we stopped in Banana Leaf for a bite. It is a Malaysian restaurant with great reviews. They deserve them, too. We had "the perfect lunch for two" and it was... we started we Rotai Canai, followed by Cod in ginger soy sauce, Sayer Lamak, and Renden beef. We like the beef the least, the other dishes were out of this world.

After lunch we wandered a bit down the street and came across Cupcakes, we couldn't help but stop. Frank got a red velvet cupcake and I got a variety of minis. They looked great in the case, but once we opened them up they looked a bit dry and they were. We only had a couple bites they were pretty bad.

We had our fun and we were pretty beat so we went back to the hotel to recoup.

A few hours later we headed Queen Elizabeth via the Sky Train. It sits on the top of a hill so you have great views of downtown, but the gardens there are beautiful.

After taking in all scenery, we hopped on the bus and headed back to the west end. We decided on Japanese for dinner at Guu.

Guu was hopping we had to wait twenty minutes for a table. Once we got seated we looked over the menu, it's tapas style, Frank knew he wanted duck, but left the rest up to me. Aigamo or duck was in miso, it was tender and delicious. Next, we had pork, tofu, kimchi soup, it was also great. Then, we shared pan fried noodles and veggies. Yum! Lastly, we had crab cake and rice patty with puffed egg. Again, so good! I wish these photos turned out better.

Once again our bellies were full and happy. We walked down Robson Street. It's filled with shops, very American, I could've been in any city in the states with high-end stores. We walked back to Granville.

Again, we looked for a place to grab a drink but the bars were all bumping. Most had covers. Not happening. We stopped at the liquor store and picked up a 6-pack of Kronenbourg. I about died at the price $18.95. We're not in Kansas anymore... We went up to the roof top of the hotel and drank our beers in peace while watching the world go by. Best bar in the city. Eventually security kicked us out they wanted to lock up for night. It was nice while it lasted. We crashed not long after.

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