July 9, 2010

Swim with the Fishes

Well, it's more like dive with the sharks, but with any luck you'll live to tell the tale and not die from sticker shock. Have you heard about the latest extreme adventure being offered in Sin City?

At Mandalay Bay certified divers can take the plunge in the Shark Reef. You be able to get all up close and personal with the sharks while wearing a steel mesh suit. In addition to the 45-minute supervised dive you also get a guided tour of the aquarium. All this for the low-low price of $630 for one person or $1,000 for two.

It is a hefty price, but if I were dive-certified and I had a good run at the tables or luck at the slots... I just might do it. It is a unique experience. How many people can say "hey, I dived with sharks in a hotel in the desert"? Not to mention you'll likely see a wider variety of sharks and fish than in the wild since it is controlled. I really don't know much about those diving with sharks tours, but aren't you in a metal cage? This seems like a slightly better experience in terms of interaction.

What do you think? Would you do it?


Christine said...

damn, that's expensive. JD went on a live-aboard trip in the Bahamas for 5 days of diving plus all meals and drink and it was around $1200. and he did two shark dives.
only in Vegas.

Kellee said...

It is indeed pricey. I saw Wynn is now offering a Scuba package that allows you to dive with the cast of Le Reve. That one does include accomodations, but it's from $999. Ouch!