July 6, 2010

Never long enough

Time off is never long enough. Weekends, long weekends, even a week's vacation - it is NEVER long enough. Time always flies and before you know it you are back at work wondering how it can possibly be over, already?

That is precisely how I feel today. I had three days off, how can that be? I had a great time. It was wonderful to have two full days with my hubby. We're so silly together it's just not as much fun when we are apart. I've been spoiled, now I am more anxious than ever for vacation. At least, it'll be here soon.

Friday we had a delicious dinner with friends at Firefly. I was able to satisfy all my cravings. After dinner we checked out Highway to Hell, but they were pretty bad. We bailed and headed to Hennessy's for beers. We passed time there until the fireworks at Golden Nugget. The display was ok, we weren't anticipating much so it met our expectations pretty well.

After the fireworks, we bar hopped down Fremont spending the bulk of our night between Mickie Finnz and The Vue Bar, we eventually headed back to the Plaza and played table games. No wins, but it was a good time. I'm a little peeved at the Plaza, they used to reimburse you for parking, but now they do not do so on Friday or Saturdays. I felt like I was scammed out of five bucks.

Celebrations continued through Sunday. We anticipated dusk all day. A couple neighbors also threw parties to celebrate the holiday. They took it upon themselves to block our street, brilliant idea! We live on cul-de-sac so this gave the kids the freedom to play in the street throughout the day and us adults were able to play at night. Frank kicked off the show and he was still going when the rest of the neighbors ran out. It was good fun. We went non-stop for two hours. The street was a disaster when we were through, but we all pitched in for clean up. Six garbage bags, two piles of debris later it was neat and tidy, again. We're already stoked for next year. It will be bigger and better than ever.

This year's goods and my pyro anxiously waiting to blow shit up. Haha.

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