July 28, 2010

Final thoughts on Seattle...

We had an enjoyable time, but it wasn't what I expected. I thought it be more charming and quaint, with many mom and pop restaurants, corner bars, etc. It doesn't have the hustle and bustle of a big city either. I don't know if the economy has hit it hard or if things have been run down for quite sometime. We saw so many buildings/store fronts that were empty in Pioneer Square, Belltown and Queen Anne. After the white collar folks go home, it feels like a ghost-town besides the homeless and passing tourists. It reminded me of downtown Las Vegas just without the wedding chapels, bail bondsmen, and cheap hotels.

I really thought I'd have a smorgasboard of seafood. We passed by a number of the highly recommended places while on the boat tour, I guess I thought they'd be easier to reach. I'm not sure what busses would have gotten us there. We stuck to those that run up and down 1st and 3rd, great that they were timely. It's a crime that Lowells didn't have fresh delicious seafood, all they had to do was shop downstairs. I don't get it. I wish Pike's had a place called "The Kitchen", it would be a place where you could bring previously purchased fish, meats and veggies and they'd cook it all up for you. There was so much that looked wonderful, but as a tourist passing through it did me little good.

I did love Salumi and Dahlia Bakery. Taking part in Bite of Seattle was a great experience, too. The skyline is beautiful. And the baseball park is one of the best places to capture it. An all around great park. It was a nice treat to see my White Sox.

Here are some final downtown photos I overlooked.

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