July 13, 2010


We recently tried the Mac Shack (Warm Springs/Durango). We first tried to dine there back in February or so, it was closed. We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings across the street - no harm done. This time, it was open - hurrah.

Going in, I knew it was create your own pasta. I didn't realize it was fast-casual dining. Many things can be done in a hurry, I'm not sure that pasta qualifies. Admittedly I was hesitant once we walked inside, I even asked Frank if he wanted to go. "No. we'll stay", he says. Ah! Famous last words.

We pondered over the menu, all the options are a bit overwhelming. There are a dozen pastas and ten different sauces to choose from, then you chose veggies, cheeses and proteins to be added. We thought we'd go with one of "Mac's Favs" the Broccoli Pesto ($7.50) and we'd also try the Pepperjack Mac ($6.25).

We took a seat, and a few minutes later, our pastas were brought to our table.

The broccoli pesto is served over penne with chicken and sauteed garlic. It was dreadful. The pasta was underdone and overdone, depending on the bite. It was bad news. The chicken was so dry I could have easily mistaken them for breadcrumbs. The pesto was overpowered by garlic only a slight bitterness shined through. The Healthy Choice frozen meals I eat for lunch are better prepared and more tasty. What's worse is I'm certain this dish wasn't remotely healthy.

The pepperjack mac also has monterey jack and asiago cheeses.

It was better than the broccoli pesto. The noodles were cooked evenly and it had a little kick. The jalapenos on top were just terrible, like they were dehydrated or something. Very odd. Otherwise, the first few bites were decent. Then the mac cooled. It quickly became grainy and gross. I grew tired of it in a hurry.

I wish we stayed home and tossed a couple frozen pasta meals in the microwave. We could've saved ourself time, money, and calories. My tummy & taste buds would've been more pleased. How sad is that?


Christine said...

i thought you had better judgment in food. fast food mac and cheese sounds so wrong, on so many levels. i would have demanded my money back and then gone to In n Out. i don't understand why you eat at all these places when you could just be at In n Out!

Kellee said...

I should have known better. My gut even warned me, but I left it up to Frank. Big mistake! In-n-Out does sound good... haven't had it since July 4. I know, I know, boo hoo.