July 9, 2010

Laughlin Roadie

Sunday night we were sitting in the hot tub relaxing after the 4th festivities. We were discussing plans for Monday since we were both off. We've been itching for a trip to Laughlin, there was no better time to go. When we got out (it was about midnight) we called down to the Belle to see if we could get a room. No dice, sold out. We tried a couple other options and everywhere was sold out. They suggested we try Bullhead City - no thanks. We decided we'd just leave in the morning.

That's what we did. We had a great day. We enjoyed lunch and dinner at Casa Serrano. We scored at the outlet mall, I got jeans and Frank bought half a dozen ties for no more than 6 bucks each. He even got a few shirts. We went by the old condo, it was good to see some things don't change.

Then, we hit Casino Drive to try our luck at the casinos. You might remember we had good fortune last visit with keno and video poker. First stop was Edgewater, they've moved the poker room for the 18th time; it's now in the sportsbook. There wasn't a soul playing, I can remember a time when they had every table bustling. That was back when it was by the gaming tables. We bet a couple horses at Hollywood Park, and lost. We weren't feeling the place so we walked over to the Belle. Sadly, there was no table minimums lower than five bucks, we were hoping to find $2 BJ. We hit the keno lounge instead.

We hit a couple numbers, but no big pay offs like last time. We couldn't get the 7 to show for nothing. That is until Frank decided to play craps. Those 7's did not come timely. We bailed and checked out the river.

It was busy, all sorts of watercrafts were filled with people having fun up and down the river. Our next stop was Golden Nugget, I love the coin-in VP there. I played for a long time, but I never had a good enough hit to walk away.

After dinner at Casa Serrano, we headed back to Vegas. We stopped in Searchlight to try Bowlingo inside Terribles.

We blew all our money gambling, but fortunately I was able to scrape together a buck in change to play. We had a good laugh. We were back home in no time. I'll never tire of the beauty of returning to the Vegas valley. Whether it's days or hours, I'm quickly reminded... there is no place like home.

Laughlin was the subject in my article this week, check it out, Vegas Values: Laughlin.

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