May 20, 2010

"Turn it up a little bit"

After busting my ass the last couple weekends, I cannot tell you how happy I am that tomorrow is Friday. This weekend will be busy, but not in the ass busting kinda way. It'll be fun-filled with music, eats and possibly some off-roading or pool time.

I love music... 70's, 80's 90's - a bit of everything. It's been a long time since I got excited about anything new. Welcome, Dirty Heads. They provided the sound-track to our San Diego getaway in April. We couldn't get enough. I knew they'd be huge. I just had to see them before it happened. I searched for shows nearby, but nothing came up in Vegas. They kicked off a tour opening for Sublime with Rome on 4/20 in Cali. It started a huge wave of success. Dozens of dates were added to the tour including a show at Mandalay Bay's Beach on July 30. Yeah, we'll be there. But before that was announced, I found a show in Henderson for the Dirty Heads. My brother helped convince me that they were indeed the band I wanted to see. That show is this Saturday. Once, I knew Mike would be in town, I bought him a ticket, too. Ten bucks, you can't beat it. I'm so stoked to see them live.

Here's a clip from a recent performance at the Jimmy Kimmel show. They've been topping the Alternative Charts with this one, "Lay Me Down".

Tomorrow, we're rocking it old school at M Resort. We are seeing Steve Miller Band. I've passed on shows a number of times before. I was left to regret not seeing Aerosmith last they came to town, so I figured it was better now than (possibly) never. I've liked Steve Miller since I was a wee one. I passed it along to my sister by six, she knew all the words to "The Joker". In hindsight, it probably wasn't appropriate. You live and you learn. "Take the Money and Run" has since become a favorite, it's a great road trip song.

Next month, it looks like we might catch Pepper and Slightly Stoopid at Hard Rock's Pool. Looks like more fun is in store.

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