May 7, 2010

More babies!

My mom has had her hands full the last couple days. Meet the other new arrivals. This is Mabel and Annie, both are peking ducks.

This trio of chicks hatched from the incubator. I believe they're all Polish chickens. Only two have names, Uno and Rusty. The third little guy is nameless, so far.

Then, this guy had a rough start. He might just be the ugliest newborn ever. He kinda looks like Big Bird on meth, doesn't he?

He didn't peck out of his shell quick enough so the sack began to dry all over him. He was pretty well glued to his shell. My mom helped him out and gave him half a dozen baths. He's doing much better today, see? Meet Tubby.

I'll be by to see all the new kiddos this weekend. I plan to help mom get packed, since next weekend should start the big move.

Hope all you moms have a wonderful Mother's Day. Don't forget to take a moment just for you.

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