May 27, 2010

Dirty Heads and more

I'm pretty late with the details from Saturday's concert. This CityCenter debacle does not have time on my side. It's been a crazy week. Looks like next week will be more of the same. Nothing like reliving projects after they've been complete. I can't complain too much I still have a job. As long as I'm collecting a paycheck I'm a team player.

Back to the concert, it took place at Henderson's Event Center. It's a small venue and it was perfect for the show. It was nice to be up close and personal with the bands. Crowds were laid back and friendly. Frank said he felt old. The show drew a bunch of teens and 20-somethings, but there was still a fair share from the 30+ crowd. I just felt vanilla. Only my ears are pierced, I have no tats and my hair color is natural. My boobs are real, too. I was a bit of an oddity for a woman of my age.

Drinks (from $3) and food ($2 tacos) were reasonable, and there were flushing toilets. A rare treat for an outdoor show. Winds weren't even a bother, because of the way the stage is designed. We got seated in the front row and camped out all night. The collection of bands were much better than I expected. I'd gladly see any of them again. Most did meet and greets and signings throughout the event, even the Dirty Heads. I chatted with Dustin and Mike bought a cd and got it signed by all the members of the band, except Jared, he hadn't arrived yet. Only complaint is that the venue underestimated the amount of beer sales. They sold Miller Lite, MGD, and Fosters. The Miller Lite ran out about 7 o'clock. Mike and Frank were sorely disappointed they opted for MGD. Those ran out just before Dirty Heads took the stage, Mike bought four of the last five.

We thought Rome (from Sublime) might join them for Lay Me Down since they've been touring together. But, Rome didn't make an appearance. They brought someone out from the audience to fill Rome's shoes. It was all good fun. Towards the end of the show Dirty J came out into the crowd. Mike rocked it out beside him and was given a high-five for his efforts. They wrapped and we brought them back out for an encore. A bunch of drumsticks and picks were handed out and with that the show was over.

At Sixes and Sevens

Ocean City Defined.



Waiting to meet the Dirty Heads

Getting Mike's cd signed

Soberdown with One Pin Short

B Foundation

One Pin Short

Dirty Heads


Dirty J

Lay Me Down with fake Rome

Dirty J and Duddy

After the concert, we went to Goldmine Tavern for the after party. They had $5 PBR pitchers. We got there just in time for seats. Not long after we arrived it was packed to the gills. We ran into members from One Pin Short and Soberdown. Frank bought the lead singer of OPS a beer. We saw fake Rome, too. Beers flowed and music was good, we hung around for a couple hours. Mike hit a wall, and we were hungry so bailed. I thought we'd grab a bite at Eldorado, but the cafe was closed. No eats to be found. Wah-wah. I didn't drink at all during the concert and only had a couple beers at the bar so I was the designated driver. It was a long ride home for Frank and Mike. Made a Del Taco stop for Frank and then headed home. Mike was praying to the porcelain gods. Got him set for bed, ate a few triscuits - the late night snack of champions - and crashed. Between Friday and Saturday it was a wild weekend. Good times, though, good times.

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