May 24, 2010

Late-May Blizzard

I'm lagging behind today. I want to share about the weekend's shows and all, but I haven't got the time. It'll be quicker to turn out my tale of the snow storm yesterday.

It was chilly waking up yesterday morning. I took a look at the thermometer, it read a cool 60. I never thought that'd be the high for the day. The mercury only fell as the day went on. Around 2 o'clock we left to take Mike back to my mom's in Pahrump. You could see the storms in the distance, they looked like rain. Once we got closer we quickly realized it was snow. Snow in late-May. WTF? This is the desert for heaven sakes. It was just 94 on Thursday.

It must have sucked to be on those motorcycles. Check out the video from driving thru the storm. The lense filled with snow in a hurry.

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