May 10, 2010

So tired

This weekend wiped me out. Friday I got the house straightened knowing I had a busy weekend ahead.

Saturday, I helped mom pack. We managed to get a lot done. We never got to Amy's old room and we left behind items needed for the rest of the week, but all other odds and ends are packed and ready to go. Next weekend we'll start the big move! Such a whirlwind since just a couple weeks ago she was considering relocating to Tennessee since nothing affordable could be found out here. Just goes to prove my belief that everything happens for a reason.

Sunday, Frank and I ran a couple errands and then we attacked the backyard. The trees and plants were overgrown. We got to much of it. We took out six or seven vines. I grew tired of trying to maintain them, ultimately they'd always grow back and take over. It looks naked without them, but now I have a place to hang baskets and a retaining wall to fill with flowers. Two of the vines grew along the wall, we put a couple rose bushes in their place. We transplanted them from planters alongside the house. Once, I pick out new flowers and everything grows in, it ought to look real nice.

I'll leave you with a couple photos from mom's house on Saturday.

Windy days are hard on peacocks.

Ever seen a sunburt chicken? How about two? The lack of feathers is a result of mating and molting.

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