May 12, 2010

Back at it

Yeah, I got lazy. I fell back into my sluggish ways this winter. Getting sick really derails me every single time. Winter quickly turned into spring and here I am squishy and a bit bigger than I'd like to be. It's taken me a few weeks to amp myself up and get motivated to commit, err, re-commit to exercise and healthy eating.

Eating isn't much of an issue. I eat healthy and make good choices majority of the time. My meals out are the exception. But I'm not willing to compromise on those. I enjoy dining way too much to deprive myself of that happiness. I do need to re-evaluate portion sizes and my overall daily intake. I'm older now, so I'm sure some adjusting is necessary. I'm in the process of tweaking my current daily needs.

Exercise. That's my focus. I'm active on the weekends, but I fall short during the week. I'm chained to my desk 9 hours a day unless I make the effort to get off my ass and exercise on my lunch break. For months I used every excuse imagineable to convince myself to skip those workouts. NO MORE.

Last week, I finally got my head in the game. I'm currently 8/8 for daily exercise. My goal is a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day for six weeks. I first did this slug no more challenge last fall. I was able to shed some weight and tone up. I'm hoping my dedication provides me with similar results again.

I don't want to be squishy anymore.

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