May 11, 2010

Enough Already!

Wind wind go away, come again some other year. Seriously, we've had enough in the last few weeks to last a lifetime. It's a shock that I still have trees standing. The gusts have been unreal. It sounds like I live by train yards, with freight trains whizzing by. One tree has caused the stucco to crack in our dividing wall from all it's swaying. Not sure how to go about fixing it, it's something to look into before it becomes a real problem.

I'm so over this warm and cold spells. Regular seasonal temps, that's all I ask. 90 to 60, 90 to 60, I should be used to it by now, but I'm not. It only makes 90 feel that much warmer and we should not be experiencing winter temperatures in May.

We thought we were past thing yo-yo weather. We put the solar cover on the pool last week. The water temperature was up to 73 this weekend. We've since lost all the heat. We had to remove the cover because of all the debris in the pool. As much as we want warm water, it's not worth risking the battle against algae.

Frank was so pleased when the pool was finally clean yesterday evening. However, it was just in time for the next wind storm. It howled all night. It woke us a couple times, usually we are deep sleepers. When we took a look in the morning you'd never guess the pool was sparkling clean just 12 short hours before.

Please, please can we have a break? Regular seasonal temperatures would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Hurricane Mikey said...

There are a bunch of power lines behind my apartment, and when I came home yesterday, it was so windy that they had that haunted-house moaning sound going on. Kind of an eerie sound. Like something you'd see on a movie.

Kellee said...

We don't have power lines, but our trees have been making a similar noise. It is eerie.