May 5, 2010

Sedona Lounge

Years ago we went to Sedona Lounge at 215/Flamingo, we thought it was just another neighborhood video poker bar. We had sticker shock once we got inside. I don't recall a single menu item less than 15 bucks. We bailed. We weren't up for upscale bar food at the time.

Last week, we returned. It's had a complete remodel since our last visit. Before, I recall curtains and large booths. Now, it's pretty hip and swanky, with a large bar and seating all around. There is also an outdoor patio, but it was windy and cool the night we were there. We sat inside. The tables quickly filled after we got seated. Apparently, it's a popular place.

We started with Four Cheese Flatbread ($12). The cheesy mix of fontina, provolone, mozzarella, and parmesan was a great gooey blend, but the sauce and crust were weak links. The sauce lacked any zip and I prefer a chewier crust. This one was a bit dry and crisp.

We each chose an entree and decided to share. Frank started with Baja Fish Tacos ($16). The mahi mahi pieces were dry, I wasn't a fan. Frank enjoyed the corn and black bean salad that came on the side.

I had a beef gyro wrap ($14). It was a bit bland and calling it a gyro was a stretch. I suppose I'm too used to savory mix of spices, beef and lamb in a traditional gyro. The fries looked crunchy, but they were mushy. I like crisp fries. The side salad with mixed greens and feta was great, though.

We left Sedona unimpressed. We'll stick to their sister restaurant, John Cutter. They have greats salads and good sandwiches. Prices are more reasonable there, too.

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