May 4, 2010

Ice Box Canyon

Sunday we went to Red Rock for a hike. We wanted to see a waterfall and felt our best chance was at Ice Box Canyon. Let's get right to it... Ice Box Canyon trail is there somewhere.

Onward and upward.

We climbed enough elevation for a clear view across the park.

Heading deeper into the canyon.

And deeper...

Looks like a face, doesn't it?

First pool of water, some might think this is the end of the trail, but here's where it gets interesting. It's rock scrambling time!

Yep! That's the way.

The trail winds around the canyon walls.

Trees grow out of the rock, it's pretty wild.

This dying tree reminded me of the Whoville Tree. Surprising the winds haven't taken it out.

Check out the colors in the rock.

First glimpse of the falls.

Ice Box Canyon Falls, it strengthens after heavy rainfall and seasonally with melting snow. May is late for any waterfalls, so we were lucky to see the trickle from melting ice above.

That man near the ledge is looking over a pool of water. Soon, disaster would strike. And he'd be shaken to the core. We'll call him the cardiologist.

The cardiologist's wife slipped and fell into the freezing cold pool. She knocked her head along the way causing it to bleed. He jumped in after her. A few other quickly went to their aid. No one had cell service. So, everyone pulled together to help them to safety. Fortunately, the woman was coherent. She was freezing and in shock, but she was pretty good spirits for having a head injury. Frank donated his sweatshirt to keep her warm and a few experienced hikers hoisted the couple down the falls. Then, they assisted them out of the canyon to be sure they made it our safely. The couple were from out of town and had a 5:30 flight to catch. Somehow, I doubt they made it, but I hope she was ok. It was a scary sight to witness. The sense of helplessness is overwhelming.

We hung back at the falls to give them a good head start out of the canyon. The sun had moved and I was able to capture the beautiful colors of the falls.

We headed back, let the rock scrambling continue...

Do you see the rock climber?

You keep busy watching your every step, but it's good to take a break to enjoy the view and the desert wildflowers.

Once we got back to flat pavement it felt very odd. It was wild. A little ways down the loop, we spotted wild burros. It's been 5 years or so since I last saw them so it was a nice treat to see them still around.

Minutes later we were back in the city, cruising on the 215 headed home. It's wonderful to have Red Rock Canyon in our backyard.

We really enjoyed the hike. We intend to continue with more until we've done them all. It sounds like a fun challenge.

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