May 18, 2010

Seriously beat

This weekend was exhausting. Make that EXHAUSTING! Mike got in on time Friday evening, his bags even arrived this time. Nice! It was my first visit since McCarran changed from metered parking to pay parking. Now the line for passenger pick ups is ridiculous, everyone just drives around and around to avoid the fees. They need to make a cell-phone lot like they have at Midway Airport.

Anyway, we headed over to PT's for drinks and a bite. We shared a bucket of boneless wings. They were far better than I imagined. I still prefer Buffalo Wild Wings, but these were the next best thing. We had a great time catching up while pounding a few back. They have the coldest beers around - they go down way too easy. We made it home just before 2am. Morning and hard work would come too soon.

Saturday and Sunday were spent in Pahrump. Saturday I planned to clean the new house. But plumbing issues made it impossible to clean. By mid-day Blaine had one toilet and sink in working order. I did other odds and ends at the new place and then I was off to the old house to pack. Only a few boxes had been packed since I was last there a week ago. I got the kitchen completely done. Only leaving behind a coffee maker, a few cups and silverware. They can't live without coffee.

Sunday was moving day. We had six able bodies, my mom and 17-foot Uhaul. Mom decided they couldn't fully move into the new place because of the plumbing and electrical issues. So beds, fridge and other misc. items would be left behind. Packing wasn't nearly as complete as I was led to believe so much of the first trip was pack and load. My mom and I ran around prepping and packing and Frank and Don (hired help) loaded the truck. Mike was sent to the new place because my mom was concerned about the dogs. Blaine was out feeding animals. The 6th body disappeared until late afternoon. I did not want Frank to lift my mom's heaviest pieces, an armoire and old flat big screen tv. After having back surgery I felt it was too risky. But he loaded and unloaded both pieces against my wishes. Thankfully, he managed ok.

On Saturday my mom hired a man to clear an area for the horses to roam free. After the ground was disturbed the dirt turned to sand it was soft as the dunes. I mentioned to my mom that the Uhaul had to hug the trees when driving up to the front door, otherwise it would get stuck. Well, despite my words of caution, Blaine drove the truck into the live-wire area and got stuck. We didn't have tow rope long enough so Frank had to run into town to buy a couple from Walmart. In the meantime, I built deck box for storage and lent a hand in setting up to animal pens. When he returned, I helped prep the vehicles with the tow rope. Thank goodness we had the Suburban after a few tugs the Uhaul was free. Had we not brought it, I'm not sure what would have happened.

We unloaded the truck and then it was back to the old house for the next load. It took two full loads to gather much of the house and garage. One load for animals pens. And my mom will need to rent the truck again to move the remainder of the house items and the peacock pens. It was more stuff than I ever imagined. We worked our asses off for 11 hours. My feet hurt so bad at the end of the day, my veins were swollen and puffy, my legs have never looked more gross. I don't think I've ever felt dirtier. When I first stepped into the shower it hurt to get clean. The same way it feels when you stick your hand in an ice chest when it's blazing outside.

The worst of the move is complete. There is still much work to be done. But once my mom gets settled I think she'll be very happy at her new digs. Her animals will be, too. I love the place already. It has shade. And it's much closer to Vegas. Shaving off 20 minutes from the drive home late-Sunday night was much appreciated. I was home and showered by the time it usually took to drive door-to-door.

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