May 25, 2010

Damn, Winds

When people hear I'm from Chicago, many make some comment about the "windy city". Most don't realize that the nickname has nothing to do with actual weather statistics. Rumors say it refers to politics, but it was a term coined to promote tourism to Chicago. Don't get me wrong those cold blustery winds in the winter can be brutal, they'll freeze you to the core. But, I've never seen winds anywhere like what we get here. This El Nino year has been particularly bad. 50+mph wind gusts have become the norm, lately.

Friday there was wind advisory from 11am-11pm. I hoped it wouldn't interfere with the Steve Miller concert. My thought was poor sound, flying debris... minor interference. We pulled up to M Resort's valet about 6:45. The winds were fierce. It took two of us to put the t-tops on the Firebird, one to hold the door while the other secured the t-top. Meanwhile, I couldn't help to notice how much those valet guys would enjoy their night. Wind gusts tossed up skirts and dresses, revealing bare ass and panties. It was quite the show. I've never been happier with my choice of wearing jeans.

We met uncle Pete at 32 Degrees for drinks before dinner. He hasn't been to a concert in 40 years when he heard we were seeing Steve Miller Band, he wanted to join us. Before our 7:30 reservation at Marinelli's, Pete went to the box office to buy his ticket. Only they wouldn't sell it, since the concert was being threatened by the high winds. The staff at Marinelli's then kept us posted on the status of the show.

We had calamari to start. Nice and tender, and lightly breaded. Pete chose a special: stuffed veal, Frank had the onion and cheese risotto and I also selected a special: rigatoni with lamb ragu. We also had two bottles of Chardonnay with dinner. The meal and conversation were excellent. We were perched overlooking the terrace, judging by the waves in the pool we guessed the show would not go on. Soon, a kind woman confirmed our thoughts. The show was cancelled and tickets would be refunded at point of sale. A rain or shine concert called of due to weather in Las Vegas. Imagine that? Damn, Winds.

After dinner we went to Ravello Lounge. We got drinks and waited on a seat. Boogie Knights was performing. We had a good time, dancing, laughing and just being silly. Pete asked the band to play Steve Miller Band. When they returned after their first set they played Rock'N Me. The crowd went wild. Good times. Shortly, after that the night gets fuzzy for me. I was wrecked. Apparently, wine, beers and shots don't mix all that well. We stayed until Boogie Knights called it quits. Frank got us home safely. Then, walking safely was a huge fail on my part. I slipped and busted my knee. Felt no pain until the hangover settled in late Saturday morning, when I climbed into bed knee first and howled in pain. My knee had a nice swollen 3x3 egg, it was ten shades of ugly and puffy as can be. Lovely. Gotta love the memento of being a hot mess.

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