May 19, 2010

Sob Story

So, I mentioned that Mike flew in on Friday. Well, my sister took him to the airport. She had hoped to leave Nicky with Jeff, but he was called in early to work. This left her no choice, but to bring him along.

Nicky insisted that he was going to Las Vegas. He was on top of the world. When they left my dad's house he told he said, "Bye, grandpa Gary, I'm going to Las Vegas. Love you, miss you".

Amy repeatedly reminded Nicky that only uncle Mikey was going to Las Vegas. Nicky was relentless, "I'm going to Las Vegas, I'm going to help grammy move".

They stopped at Burger King on the way to the airport. Nicky refused to eat his chicken nuggets, he was saving them for the plane.

When they finally got to the airport Amy missed her turn, which took them by the runways. The kid was so excited you'd think it Christmas morning. Las Vegas!!!

They arrived at passenger drop off. Nicky busted out of his car seat, grabbed his nuggets and Mike's carry-on bag. He was ready to fly.

Amy had to crush his hopes and dreams. "No, Nicky, we're not going, we don't have tickets". "Uncle Mikey has tickets", he says. Only for him. Nicky was pissed. The waterworks began, they were followed by "I won't love you anymore". The dramatics continued. Amy and Mike both felt terrible. He was absolutely heartbroken that he was not going. Amy called my mom to explain to him that he was not coming, because he wasn't accepting it from her. They were all crushed. Had I been there, I'm sure I would have bought the kid a ticket. Watery eyes, quivering lips, and look of defeat. There's no way I could say no.

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