August 3, 2010

Dirty Heads & Sublime with Rome

Friday night, our friend, Shane drove in for the weekend. He's was going to the concert with us. Beforehand, we went to PT's for wings and beers. Made it in time for happy hour, gotta love drinks at 1/2 price. Primed up we headed to the strip, we valeted at Four Seasons. We've dealt with the crowds at Mandalay Bay, traffic is just ridiculous. The Four Seasons is the perfect alternative.

We had time to grab a beer before the gates opened. We thought we'd stop at the bar, but we walked by the sundries shop they had tall boys two for $8. We were pounding them while waiting in line thinking we couldn't bring them in, but as long as it wasn't glass we were good. Of course we learned that tidbit just as we gained admission. We took seats right on the edge of the wave pool. We stayed dry until the crowd filled the pool toward the end of the show. Beers were $9, so we came up with the idea of going back in the hotel to purchase more tall boys, if they'd let us out. Frank was off to find out and Shane and I held our spots. Frank returned with a bag of tall boys. Perfect! We were sticking it to the man. We found the ultimate value.

Frank got back just before Dirty Heads took the stage. They were awesome, again! I'll gladly see them every chance I get. I went to the bathroom in between bands. Lines were long, but not out of control like at HR. Made friends with the girls ahead of me. They thought I was from Ireland, they said I didn't look like a Las Vegan. Ha! Got back to the guys and Sublime with Rome took the stage. Rome did great. They played all the hits only one I was missing was Caress Me Down. They ended with What I Got and Santeria. By now, my feet were soaked, I was wet up to my shins and I had sand stuck to me. We walked back to Four Seasons, amped up, wet and sandy. We got complimentary bottled water, no lines at valet and we're off in no time. Score another for us. Had we parked at Mandalay Bay we probably be waiting an hour or so to get out.

Plan was to head back to PT's since it was after midnight and happy hour had started. I was beat from being up early, and singing and dancing in the heat so I bowed out and went home to sleep. By the sound of it they drank my share and had a good time.

I'll add that Mandalay Bay Beach is a FAR better venue than Hard Rock's Pool. I'll happily catch another show at the beach.

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