April 1, 2011

Fool in Love

14 years ago, today, our story began with three little words "I like you." We only have a few more years left until we will be together longer than we've been without each other.

Mushiness aside, things have been pretty crazy of late. Some weeks are slower than molasses and others have me begging for more hours in a day. As you might imagine I'm currently wishing for time to be on my side. I had a bunch of thoughts that never made a post, so instead I leave you this mish mash.

We're only a few days away from New York. I haven't begun to research restaurants or sights. I do plan to tackle it today. We do have tickets to see Charlie Sheen and The Book of Mormon while in NYC.

Birthday and anniversary celebratory dinners are postponed until sometime after New York.

My sister and Nicky are here! The why isn't important. I'm just happy they arrived safe and sound. They'll be staying about 6 weeks. We have a lot of fun planned. I look forward to all the memories we will make.

The family surprised me with cupcakes for belated birthday celebration. That was unexpected and nice.

Today is opening day for the White Sox. Go Sox! We'll see them next month in Anaheim.

I've planted all sorts of flowers. Most importantly, I hope they live. I also hope they fill in and flourish so I can admire their beauty.

I haven't even begun my photo assigned due tomorrow. Must get on it!

We bought tickets to Weezer in August. I hope to see more concerts this summer.

It's 90 today, I wish I wasn't stuck at work grinding away at my desk. Beautiful days like today are meant to be enjoyed.

Check out Vegas Values: Legendary Pancakes.

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, but this will have to due. I need to get on that New York list of things to do and places to eat.


Jay said...

Congratulations....you've been together for a long, long time. Sounds like you found your soulmate early in life...that is fantastic.

Here's to another 50 wonderful years!

Sammi said...

Have a great time in NYC! I hope that you enjoy my town as much as I enjoy yours!

KathyinNY said...

Happy Belated Birthday and you will love NYC!