April 28, 2011

Camera Bags

Last month I told you about my new camera gear and how I was torn between a Kelly Moore purse and Crumpler bag. I ordered from Kelly Moore first. I thought I'd prefer a style that I could use as an everyday purse. It shipped timely, about a week after ordering I received it on my birthday.

It was narrow like I had wanted, but the purse was far too bulky for my liking. It's size on my frame was terribly awkward. Frank immediately hated it. He said it made me instantly gain 50 lbs. That settled it. It was going back. I returned it and got my money back.

I then purchased the 5MDH Crumpler Bag. It's not as stylish, but it is practical, waterproof and guaranteed for life. It was also far more comfortable to carry. It was significantly smaller, but I can fit even more into it that I was able to do with the Kelly Moore bag.

I carried my Crumpler bag with me all over New York. I stashed both my cameras, my 50-200mm lens, umbrella, phone, wallet, hand sanitizer and chapstick inside. It all fit with ease. The only trouble was it was heavy and after long days of riding the subway and walking all over the city it made my shoulder sore and tired. I'd switch from left to right and tried to plan what I'd need each day to lighten the load. It helped tremendously. I put it to the test and I'm happy with the 5MDH purchase. It'll be a staple in my travels.

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