March 18, 2011

New Gear

I upgraded to a Nikon d40 last summer. I decided then that I would wait until I was comfortable with the camera and kit lens before investing money in new lenses and accessories. After several months of tinkering with the camera, I finally felt comfortable enough to fork over the cash for new gear.

I had two lenses on my wishlist, a 35mm f/1.8 dx and a 55-200mm vr. They're priced similarly and each serves a different purpose, but I was fortunate that my choice was made easy when the 35mm lens was out of stock. I could find it on more expensive sites, but I can be patient if it means saving pennies. I ordered the 55-200mm lens. It arrived earlier this week. I toyed with it in the backyard, but it was really too small of area to see its full potential. It'll take time getting used to it, but I think it'll serve me well.

In my photography class I learned about a Graduated ND Filter. It's a filter that transitions from gray to clear, this allows you darken a bright sky so that both the sky and subject can be properly exposed. Achieving that proper balance has given me much grief, particularly when we were at Zion. Since I enjoy landscapes so, I thought this might be a filter I'll benefit from. When buying my lens, I was able to get one deeply discounted as a special promotion. Timing was perfect.

Now, that I have this new gear I knew my purse wasn't going to cut it anymore. I needed a camera bag for convenience and protection for my gear. Friends have bought and liked bags by Crumpler. There were aspects I liked, and those I disliked. So, I kept looking... I fell for bags by Epiphanie. Belle, in particular. But her cost was twice the price of the 5MDH by Crumpler. Both bags gave me sticker shock. I typically pay $20 for my purses. The price of camera bags was a hard pill to swallow, but I need to protect my investment. Cameras and equipment aren't cheap. So, I kept hemming and hawwing over the pros and cons of each bag. Neither sold me. I was forced to search for an alternative. I poured over dozens of options, it really grew exhausting. I felt like Goldilocks "too big" "too small". Finally, I stumbled on a compromise on Kelly Moore. The B-Hobo bag was smaller than many I was considering, it was stylish for everyday, and it seems like it will be comfortable wearing it as a messenger style bag for those times I want my handsfree. I was able to use a discount code and I can return it in 10 days if I'm not satisfied. I was sold.

Hopefully, it will be love at first sight because I don't want to start this camera bag search all over again. I thought choosing lenses were tough. Cake by comparison, I swear.

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