March 29, 2011

Aches & Age

It's probably coincidental, but I ache far worse at 31 than I did at any age before. Two days of pampering couldn't even prepare me. The first was Friday, Frank arranged an 80 minute massage at Bally's Spa. I enjoyed the steam room and sauna beforehand. Then, on Saturday, we checked into the Platinum. We were long overdue for a staycation. It did not disappoint. We lounged, lazed and melted away in the jacuzzi tub. We toasted with prosecco and enjoyed super dark chocolate. It felt like we were a million miles from home, but we were practically in our backyard.

Sunday rolled around and it was back to reality. The yard work we put off all winter needed tending. We were at it all day, only quitting when we filled every square inch of the 5 garbage cans we have. Frank also trimmed the palms and trees. We had a collected a massive pile that took up the easement and side walk. I bet our garbage men wish we had moved. They hate us. They didn't even take all we left for them. Frank broke down the one tree branch they refused to take, and it filled every last garbage can once again.

Between all the pruning, raking, and weed pulling. My body ached like never before come Monday morning. As a matter of fact, I'm still hurting as I type. My cardio 3x a week certainly hasn't prepared me for these aches of a 31 year old (I'm a little afraid of what's to come). I'm left wishing for a repeat of those two days of pampering. While that won't be happening, fortunately, there is a hot tub calling my name.

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