March 17, 2011

Luck O' the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I kinda wish I was in Chicago today. Not just for that Southside Irish Pride, but because the Dirty Heads are playing at the House of Blues tonight. My brother will be there, he'll fill me in on the good times missed. Ah well. Hopefully, they'll announce a Vegas date. I keep hoping for another show at the Henderson Pavilion. That was such a great venue...

Things are beginning to settle down for me. It's such a relief that this house stuff is nearly behind us. As of Wednesday we were no longer homeowner's, given our history with real estate, this made me extraordinarily happy. We signed our lease and finally sent off payment today. No fault of ours, it's just that our landlord takes eons to respond. Joys of renting, I suppose. Trust me. I can deal. The last matter of business is receipt of an executed copy of the lease and confirmation of payment. I expect to wait eons. At least, I'm anticipating the delay this time. Once it is all settled I will utter the biggest sigh of relief. I cannot wait.

It's really a fortunate situation, we didn't have to leave our home, and we'll be saving hundreds of dollars each month on rent alone. Plus, we no longer pay taxes, sewer, trash or homeowner's insurance. Our renter's policy is a fraction of our former policy. The best part is we didn't have to pack and deal with the hassles of moving. I was dreading that most of all. We're staying put for two years. So, I have time before we revist the thought of moving.

The luck o' the Irish must have been with us.

This weekend it's time to tackle the projects that we've put off, we've let so much fall by the wayside because we weren't sure how much longer we'd be in the house. We weren't going to turn over a perfectly manicured lawn and landscaping, and a spotless home to new owners. Now, I need to clean the showers, baseboards, ceiling fans, and stove. Frank cut the grass, and laid down new seed in thin patches earlier this week. Sunday, I'll address the flower beds and give room for new life to the roses.

Spring is here, it's time to get ready for summer which is near. Woot.

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