March 7, 2011

Back at it!

I'm finally feeling better. I'm still sneezy and I have a slight tickle in my throat, but I feel world's better. A healthy dose of warmth and sunshine this weekend must have done the trick.

Before I get ahead of myself by sharing weekend details, let me tell a bit about our visit to Chicago.

It was really great seeing family and old friends. Nicky has grown a bunch, he's all boy, too. He's all about video games and playing cops. Frank got very little time with Nick, since he had his own family to see. We had good fun, but honestly, I like it better when they visit. I get more one-on-one time. It's so hectic running around trying to see everyone.

We sent out an open invite to a local bar for a meet-n-greet of sorts, our friends came and went all night - well, until last call, that is. We hadn't seen some in a few years, others since our wedding, and a handful since high school. Sharing old memories over drinks with good company is priceless, truly.

Weather was chilly to us, but everyone else said it was fairly nice. We saw it snow, rain, thunder and ice storm. I had forgotten how bleak winter can be... everything is dead, there is no color. Our first morning back at home I was so relieved to see sunshine, green grass, and even, flowers were blooming.

We ate at a lot of our old favorites, a few hit the spot like calzones from Bartolini's and Nicky's gyros and hot dogs. Some were disappointing, however. Our Chinese place was blah. Giordano's was bland. Greek Island in Greektown wasn't nearly as good as I hoped. I will never eat White Castles again. They made me terribly sick. Not even yummy jalapeno cheeseburgers are worth it.

I'm glad we went, it was nice catching up. I'm over visits in February, though. Next time, I have to plan for a nice month like May. Must remember that!


Hoya said...

Hey - we're going to Chicago in May! Haven't been since 1999....Going for a wedding - outside the city - but it's Memorial Day weekend so we're going to take an extra day and do touristy things. I'll have to send you an email and get input!

I got a cold in Vegas last week :-( I wasn't sure at first if it was allergies or a cold - but when I got the fevery chills, I knew it was a cold...But now that everything is blooming for spring, my cold has segued into allergies. Joy ;-) Glad you're feeling better!

Kellee said...

I think May is the nicest time to visit Chicago. You'll be there at a perfect time. It's not too hot, humid or cold and mosquitos aren't bad. Everything is in bloom, too.

Feeling sick after vacation really wears you down. Sorry to hear germs got to you while here. Hope you had an enjoyable trip otherwise.