March 21, 2011

Mondays should be optional

This weekend flew by in serious warp speed. Someone also stole our Spring and replaced it with another taste of Winter. It's been a dreary, windy, and cool weekend... rains started last night and the mountains were all snowy this morning. Last week's nice weather was just a tease. Boo. I didn't get very much accomplished, I hardly tackled anything I anticipated. Oh well. Time just wasn't on my side.

Friday, I met the Vegas Message Board gang over at the Cosmopolitan. We gathered in a gorgeous suite on the 38th floor of the East Tower. The views from the balcony were stunning. It was breezy and cool, but the neon kept me warm. Good times and good conversations were had. It's always fun meeting up with friends new and old. I'm already looking forward to next year.

Frank never joined me at the party. He was too exhausted when he finally got off work. It was an extremely busy day. It was record breaking, most tickets written and highest volume to date, I do believe. It exceeded Super Bowl for sure. It's a good sign... visitors are not only coming, but they seem to be spending a bit more.

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