March 30, 2011

Food. It Makes Me Happy.

Food, much like sunshine makes me happy. I have missed it these past 12 weeks. Our efforts have been worthwhile, however. I have lost 13 lbs, and I am now able to see a difference. Clothes are fitting better, some are even too big. Soon, I'll have to dig out some older stuff I had outgrown. Frank has had tremendous success. He has exceeded his first goal by losing 35.5 pounds. He feels great, and he's in need of a new wardrobe. He will hold off and settle with a few new staples because he has another goal in mind. This loss, puts him and his team in the running for first place in the "Get Fit Challenge" it will take a couple weeks to tally the results and announce the winning team, but Frank's team is hopeful. They have a good chance.

Yesterday, we celebrated the completion of the "strict healthy lifestyle" with lunch at Raising Cane's. We both enjoyed the fried salty goodness. Then, for dinner, we kicked off our "everything in moderation, but with health still in mind lifestyle" with Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs from Windy City Beefs N Dog. Boy, did that hit the spot!

Then, we were off to the Artisan for a Yelp event. I've driven by the boutique hotel hundreds of times, but I've never actually been. I've heard it's a neat place for drinks, but I never understood until I stepped inside. The event that brought us here had a "Clue" theme. The location was perfect. It's dark, ornate, and there are so many areas to discover. Beyond the lounge, patio, and restaurant, there is also a library, indoor and outdoor chapel and pool area. We were divided into teams and each team had to complete a list of challenges, when done successfully we earned clues to solve the murder that had taken place. Our team finished in second. If it weren't for a small hiccup, we would have solved the crime first. Mr. Green was the culprit. Funnily, that was the character Frank went as, I should've know it was him all along. It was good fun! Artisan was great for letting us have the run of the place. Frank and I must return to try Mood, which is the restaurant there. I'd even consider staying at the hotel, rates are from $59. It's definitely a departure from the usual Las Vegas vibe.

Raffles are always held at these events. This time, Frank and I both won prizes. I won tickets to Rent tonight at Green Valley Ranch. Frank won a toy revolver. It's actually perfect, because I know a special little boy that will love to have it. It was a great way to end a nice day filled with fun and tasty eats. Especially, the eats.

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