April 26, 2011

Gah! Wind.

I'm over these fierce winds. I haven't been able to breath in a week and I've had a sore throat for weeks now. The sore throat started in NYC, but it's never gotten better. My allergies are running amuck. My head is pounding and my sinuses are swollen. I'm more symtomatic than I've been in ages and it's my own fault. I got lazy about remembering my allergy shots and now I'm paying the price. Note to self: Don't ever do this to yourself again, dumbshit.

I need the winds to stop so we can toss the solar cover on the pool. The high winds cause our trees and flowers make a mess of things. So, we have to wait intil the winds die down before we can attempt to heat the pool. Amy and Nicky's time here is running out so Mother Nature's cooperation would be much appreciated.


Jay said...

Oh, a pool in the backyard...heaven! We are preparing for yet another snowstorm...a few days before MAY!!

Hope the winds die down for you guys. Very cute pictures - looks like everyone was having a blast!

Kellee said...

A snowstorm? Yikes! I'll stop complaining about our winds.