April 22, 2011

It's Good That it's Friday

It has been a whirlwind since we've come back from New York. I could've used a vacation from our vacation so you can imagine how tired I am. I'm doing my best to ignore the exhaustion while Amy and Nicky are here. My time with them is limited. I can catch up on sleep and rest later.

Nicky and I have played a lot of cops and zombies. Amy and I have taken him to the parks at Town Square and Mountain's Edge. We swam in the hot tub bunches. I'm hoping we'll get to use the pool before they go. Nicky is ready for it. He is holding his breath underwater up to 12 seconds and he's diving to the bottom of the hot tub collecting leaves and small sticks. We want to throw the solar cover on the pool to get it heated, but the winds have been too bad. High winds + solar cover = green pool. I'm hopeful the winds will be scarce this week so we can swim next weekend.

Sunday we went for a hike at Red Rock and our friends joined us. We did the Lost Creek discovery trail. It was a great time for all! Nicky especially enjoyed having a buddy.

The trail was a topic in this week's LLV article, Vegas Values: Red Rock Canyon.

Last week, I wrote about Farmers' Markets and the week before I shared about our stay at the Platinum Vegas Values: Another Day in Paradise.

Frank and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last Sunday. It's wild how time flies! It feels like only yesterday I was nervously laughing hysterically while standing before our friends and family exhanging our vows at Mandalay Bay.

We have taken a rain check on our celebratory dinner, but we did get out for beers and dinner at Yard House. We hadn't been since last year so it really hit the spot.

All the cutting back was worthwhile, not only was the weight loss challenge personal success, but Frank's team also won first place. They lost more collectively than any other team that competed. They will be awarded prizes at a rally today. I'm very proud of them for all their hardwork.

I'm certain there's other tidbits I'm forgetting so I'll just have to share another day.

Happy Easter!

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