April 27, 2011

Back to Being Us

Last night, Frank and I got back into the swing of things. We got out to see what we can discover. We kicked off the night with dinner at Mundo, details to follow on Friday.

Then, we went over to the new arcade bar, Insert Coin(s). It's a neat place. It reminds me of the Pinball Hall of Fame only with a bar and no pinball. You can get bottle service and reserve a coach to play PS3/X360, there is a dj and dance floor and a bunch of old school arcade games. Frank had fun running around playing old favorites. This place is a gamers' paradise. Well, at least, for those gamers that leave the house.

Next, we walked over to the Western. Frank's been inside before, but it was my first visit. It's always had this reputation of the sleazy place with questionable clientele. It's either been spruced up or it was never that bad in the first place. It's a little dank, sure. It actually reminded me of classrooms I had when I was in grade school... wood paneling, florescent lights... all that was missing was the linoleum. Seriously, though, it had the same vibe Plaza had about 8 years ago. It's rough around the edges but friendly and accomodating. They had dollar craps and $2 blackjack. Frank played both and lost. We also found quarter full pay double bonus. Lost at that, too. I guess some things will never change. All was not lost, however. Frank had a lucky streak on Little Green Men - gosh, I miss those old 9 line 45 coin max bet games - and won $80. No sense in pressing our luck so we left.

We spotted a taco truck across from the Western. We ordered two tacos for curiousity's sake. The were decent and pretty cheap, just $1.50 each.

I cannot tell you how great it was just to get out and explore our city. I missed it.


Jay said...

I've read about Insert Coin(s) from the LV Sun when it first opened but haven't heard much about it since. I believe it's downtown? Not sure where though.

Did I also see some actual slots in there as well? Was it busy?


Jay said...

Oh wait, I think the slot picture is from the Western...oops!

Kellee said...

It is downtown it's part of Fremont East, right next to Vanguard Lounge.

No slots, just video games. The slots were at Western. Insert Coin(s) had about 20 people at 6:30 on a Tues. It's a large space so it seemed empty, but that's not too bad given the time and location.