February 16, 2011

Wednesday, why aren't you Friday?

I'm so ready for the weekend. We're finally heading back to San Diego! Our last visit was in August with the in-laws, while we did have fun, it wasn't the same as trips that are just Frank and me. We haven't been anywhere since Mexico. This getaway is long overdo. We feel like we've been chained to the house since we've been slaves to calories. We don't have money to blow gambling, our favorite pastimes of eating and drinking don't play well with our strict healthy life-style (which is paying off -- 36 lbs gone, between us) and until it warms up, we don't know what to do with ourselves other than bowl.

We are stir-crazy.

This weekend we were dying to get out. Only Cosmic bowling was available, boo. We tried to find a place to play darts or shuffleboard, but we were turned away due to private parties and large crowds. Why did we think going out on Saturday night was a good idea? We ended up staying at the house and inviting Frank's cousin over. We played cards and drank margaritas. The margaritas and good company made it alright.

Sunday we did get out, we shopped the Premium Outlets downtown. I bought nada, but Frank gathered a slew of bags: two pair of athletic shoes, sandals, and golf shoes. Plus, a new pair of Oakley sunglasses. I teased Frank that his days off are expensive.

After the shopping-spree, we went over to our friends' house for a party. We were invited over to meet their new baby girl. She's precious. She barely made a peep the whole time were there. It gave us time to play games and have fun with mom, dad and the other guests. We had a good time.

The highlights of this week have been watching Watson on Jeopardy and Frank's successful surgery yesterday to remove a tumor. It is believed to be benign, but it'll be tested, just to be sure. It was a nightmare to get the diagnosis and procedure all sorted out. It's a big relief now that it is done. Surgery was smooth, Frank is feeling good and should be as good as new after his stitches come out next week.

Work has been slammed (which is a great thing). Hell practically broke loose from missing one day yesterday (not so great). I'm afraid of what I might come back to after 3 days off next week while we're in Chicago. I try not to think about and I'll just press on, working to get every little thing that might come up covered.


Jay said...

Stir crazy must be a disease that is rapidly spreading right now. I'm sooooo over winter, and cannot wait another month for spring. Uggh.

What sounds crazy to a reader far, far from Las Vegas is that you weren't able to find some kind of entertainment in Las Vegas on a weekend. Is that because everything is geared towards gaming and the tourists?

Good to hear about Frank's surgery. Crossing fingers for you guys it's benign. You don't sound too worried, so that's a good thing.

Come on spring....get here so that summer can roll along next!

Kellee said...

I realize I have a mild winter, and I have little room to complain -- but I'm ready for Spring, too. I need longer days. I'm lacking Vitamin D. I need sunshine! We're getting there... the sun blinds me, ahem, sets each day on my way home from work. It used to be dark.

There is lots to do, but we don't like to go to the strip on Friday or Saturdays. Mainly, we're having difficulty because we grew so used to eating, drinking and being merry. We just don't know what to do with ourselves now.