February 7, 2011

Football is OVER

The outcome of the Super Bowl mattered none to us personally, but Frank and I didn't believe the Packers had it in them to win outright. We suspected that it was the Steeler's game to lose. We never got to the Hilton on Friday, we stayed home and did our taxes (we owe uncle Sam for the first time ever, bummer). Gotta maintain that rockstar lifestyle. Har. We thought we'd head over on Saturday but Frank worked an extremely long day preparing for the Big Game. When he was finally clear to head home, he opted to stop at the Orleans to place his bets. I had him place place a scrabble bet, which was a winner. He placed a slew of prop bets and he took the under and points on the Steelers. He hit a few, but the payouts didn't cover his bets. Just one more loss for a losing football season.

While he slaved away yesterday (largest crowds he's seen - out side of NYE, by the way) I partied it up at a friend's Super Bowl party. We had a nice spread of snacks, I contributed a healthy variety of veggies and onion dip. Plus, I made popper skins in attempts to create a low cal/carb alternative. I spread halved jalapenos on a cookie sheet and filled the peppers with cheese & bacon mixture and tossed it in a hot oven. They were a big hit. I'll have to whip up another batch for Frank to try, he seemed bummed he missed out. At half-time we enjoyed grilled pollo and carne asada. I so wanted to dig into the carne, but I stuck to chicken. I'm gonna hold out a full month until I eat red meat. Which will be this Thursday, Frank and I have a date with Windy City Beefs N Dogs. We are so digging into Italian beef sammiches.

So, that's another football season is in the books. I'm relieved. I've missed having a common day off with Frank. This Sunday, we are sleeping in!!

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