February 22, 2011

Sunshine, I love it!

Monday we were meeting Bill at Morley Disc Golf Course at 9am. We packed and checked out beforehand. The course was a zoo, it was hard to find parking, but we managed. They played, I enjoyed the fresh air, exercise and snapped photos here and there.

After disc golf we grabbed an appetizer before lunch. I wanted crab cakes from Point Loma Seafoods, and Frank wanted to show Bill where the fishing charters depart. The crab cakes were delicious. We walked the pier and spotted a lazy sea lion.

Our last stop was for lunch. Any wild guesses where? Con Pane Bakery, you got it. I can never tire of the place. I wanted my Italian, but again, no salami. Boo. I had roast beef instead, which was really good. As was the turkey cobb Frank shared with me. Bill really enjoyed the roast beef. He was a fan of the cookies and cinnamon rolls, too. Soon he'll learn how good it ALL is. We ordered peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for the road. We said so long to Bill, and we were off.

We cruised home at a nice pace. It only took four hours, record time, I do believe. We had our pb&j dinner, and another great time in San Diego was had. Already, I can't wait to go back.


Jay said...

Good for you for getting to see some sun and warm(er) weather! I, on the other hand was stuck at home for 48hrs watching the snow pile up and up ... and up ... and up, thinking to myself 'there are 2 days of my life I'll never get back...sigh'.

I'm wondering - what kind of camera do you use for these awesome pictures? Do you think a person could come anywhere close with a simple point and shoot digital camera? i.e. Nikon Coolpix?

Thanks for posting what looked like a great getaway.

Kellee said...

I have two cameras. My point and shoot is a Canon Powershot D10, it's rugged and waterproof. The picture quality is really great. I also have an SLR, Nikon D40.

I'm still learning, but I've been happy with what I've been able to achieve with manual settings. Especially since I don't take time to edit in Photoshop, 99% of my photos are straight out of the camera. I will use picnik to brighten photos taken in low light (I never use flash) or to crop, and resize.

I'm thinking about investing in a new lens soon. I'm waiting to get through my photography classes first, they start in two weeks.