February 4, 2011

Dear Friday

I appreciate your punctual arrival. However, I do ask that you allow today's work day to fly by at a rapid pace. This week has left me exhausted. I've dealt with several annoyances, met deadlines, and suffered through cold. I just want to go home and curl up in a nice warm bed with a good book. Oh, yes, I am a rockstar. Why do you ask?


One exhausted rockstar

If I don't immediately fall asleep when I get home. Maybe we'll head over to the Hilton to check out the prop bets for the Super Bowl? Frank suggested we should, but we haven't gotten around to it so far this week. We've been too busy freezing at home under covers obsessing over what we'd love to be eating, and drinking.

He has an insane weekend ahead. Mine will likely be extremely quiet. I might take a peek at the Sunday's game to see how my football squares fare. Maybe I'll also have some prop bets to root for? I only like the crazy ones. I've only seen those offered by Caesars Entertainment thus far, and those were pretty straight up, routine. Probably what the majority of bettors are interested in, unlike me, who'd prefer to bet on the color of gatorade dumped on the winning coach.

Have fun at the parties on Sunday, drink lots-o-beer and eat fattening snacks for me. Last week, I compiled a list of where to watch the grid iron action. Check it out, Vegas Values: Big Game Parties. And today I highlighted specials for Cupid's holiday, Vegas Values: Valentine's Day. Make those reservations sooner rather than later.

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