February 8, 2011


We were initially booked to leave for NYC today. We were frightened to visit in Winter. We were afraid of freezing temps, below zero wind chills and blizzards. So, when Southwest added April dates for the same fare, we jumped at the chance to change our flights and rebook for Spring. We made the right call, we'll have sun and highs between 60-70 all week, and NYC has a mix of sun and clouds in its forecast with highs in the 30's.

April ought to be pretty nice. Visiting, then, will also allow us to catch a baseball game. I'll get to cross another stadium off the list -- one day I hope to visit them all.

The trip is less than two months away. I figured it was time to start looking for accomodations. I began my search this morning. I had always heard hotel rooms in NYC were pricey, I figured they'd be slightly more than San Francisco. I figured about $200/night. My first few searches turned up $300+/night results. Scary. This was sticker shock to a girl who was spoiled by Las Vegas rates at a young age. I ran prices for apartments, while the price is right, their beds are limited to futons, full or queen size. Not gonna work. After searching hotels some more, I have a dozen options $250 or less. Five of those are strong contenders. They're priced between $200-$225, all with King-size beds (a must) and they're scattered about. I figure it's best I decide which area I'd prefer the Upper West Side, Midtown, SoHo, or Chelsea. That should help narrow down the choices, right?

This is our first time, but I don't have interest in the big touristy areas (Times Square and shopping isn't my style). We're looking to admire the skyscrapers and architecture, take in some culture, but mainly we'll build the trip around food. Which should come as no big surprise, given prior travels. We're planning on two high end meals, but the rest of the week we want to eat at delis, mom & pop shops and other gems. We want to experience Little Italy and Chinatown. Aside from that I'm not sure how else we'll spend our time. I imagine I need to get started researching that, as well.

Any neighborhood preference? Got a hotel recommendation? Let's have it.


Sammi said...

Kellie, Where is it that you wish to stay? Since it is your first time in NYC I would try to do something in Midtown close to all the subways. While Times Square is touristy it also is in the heart of the city and really is the easiest place to get around from.

What is your favorite type of food? Do you want to do a really expensive food choice or stay mid range? Let me know and I will try to help as best I can. I am in Brooklyn but have worked in The City for many years.


Kellee said...

I'm pretty set on staying in Manhattan. What part? That is the question. I really don't like touristy areas, but if it's a good home base I'll certainly consider Mid-town. Just like when we stay near the Wharf in San Francisco (we don't actually frequent it, but the ease of getting around makes it worthwhile).

This morning, I found a deal for the Four Points Sheraton Midtown-Times Square for $177. So, that is now in the running.

I love all food. I'm most looking forward to enjoying what I can't get here. Delis are going to be a highlight. I want to try NY slices. I hopeful to find really yummy Chinese. Not looking for anything high-end (we'll do two nice meals, but those are already chosen). We want to seek out those gems that the locals enjoy.

Thanks, Sammi!

Hurricane Mikey said...

Try the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott--just across the river and MUCH cheaper than in Manhattan. It's a nice place, and it's a three minute subway ride across the bridge.

My sister and her hub stayed there in December and loved it. Also, it's right by Grimaldi's. They did everything in Manhattan--all the touristy stuff--and raved about how much they liked the deal they got on their hotel and how nice it was.

Kellee said...

Thanks, Mikey. It looks real nice. However, rates are $299/night for our dates. I'm looking to keep it under $1500 for the week.

Sammi said...

Ahh Grimaldi's is a great place for a slice or 10 lol. There are a ton of amazing places to try here, when the hotel is booked let me know where you are and I will try to stear you in the right direction on food.


Kellee said...

Great -- thanks, Sammi!