February 18, 2011

It's Here!

It is Friday. At last. It has been a long week, but a productive one. I'm still about seven hours away from the start of my weekend, but I can see the light. Soon, we'll be eating and drinking. Meeting up with friends new and old. I wish I could say I was in for some warmth and sunshine, but rain is in the forecast every day. Looks like the notion of California sun is still a farce. I suppose damp air and overcast skies don't have the same ring to it.

Switching gears a bit, is anyone watching Episodes? It premiered on HBO in January. The season finale is this Sunday. I'm very sad. The show is HILARIOUS. It is smart and witty, and it totally pokes fun at Hollywood. It's the only show on TV right now that I really look forward to tuning into each week. It's a bummer that the season is so short.

I've whined before about how TV has been so disappointing. It has been, it's hard to believe it's been sweeps. I've had very little to watch, and what I have tuned into has been filler. That's it. Nielsen ratings asked us to be a Nielsen family and it couldn't have come at a better time. I'm happy to voice my opinion. Maybe, just maybe TV worth watching will return?

I've been reading like mad, just to fill time. I'm devouring books. The library has been helpful, but the Sahara West library has very few titles on my reading list. It seems Centennial should be my library of choice. Too bad it's a 20 mile drive one-way. Although, once I knock out the couple titles remaining at Sahara West it might be worth the field trip. I surely can't count on good TV anytime soon.


Hoya said...

Interlibrary Loan!!! Fill out a request form and let them do the work for you ;-)

Kellee said...

I'll look into that, thanks!