February 11, 2011

I Cheated...

And it was wonderful! Yesterday, to celebrate our one month without red meat, we went to Windy City Beefs N Dogs. I ate a beef sandwich with mozzarella and hot giardiniera. Goodness! It was DELICIOUS. Tender well seasoned beef nestled in a Gonella roll topped with gooey cheese and vinegary veggies. Um, yeah, yum! It was the first meal out just Frank and me. I enjoyed it, probably far more than I should've. I haven't been giggly over food in a month, and it was so nice to have that feeling back. Frank got two beef sandwiches, but his eyes were bigger than his new smaller appetite. We skipped the fries altogether. The beef was splurge enough. After eating my hands smelled like beef sandwich. It was like the world's best smelling perfume. I was reluctant to wash my hands. Probably sad to admit, but it was true.

That was third meal I ate this week that I didn't prepare. The breaks have been nice. I think the dishwasher is even appreciative. It's gotten such a workout this month. Sunday, friends grilled pollo and carne asada. I had myself a tasty chicken burrito. Then, on Monday, we had dinner with my uncle that was visiting from Chicago. We had dinner at Grand Lux. I had my favorite wedge salad. It was good, but not nearly as enjoyable as that beef sandwich. All the home cooking, calorie counting and healthy choice making has paid off. In one month, I've lost 9 lbs and Frank has lost 24. We've made great strides, and earned those beef sandwiches. Dammit.

And gosh! Reliving our Circo meal when writing this week's article was tough. I so badly wanted to pick up the phone and call in a reservation, but I resisted. Perfection is worth the wait. Vegas Values: Tuscan Treasures.

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