February 1, 2011

I Miss Food

Well, maybe I should clarify? I miss food that's been prepared for me. This whole healthy lifestyle is manageable, but I'm a believer in moderation. Frank's been so gun-ho over our weightloss efforts we've been pretty strict in maintaining our healthy habits.

When we originally agreed to the "get fit" plan, I'd make six dinners a week, with one day off. We've only had two dinners out, Villa Locale and Aranya Thai Bistro. Every other meal I've eaten has been prepared at home (or microwaved at work). Frank did make me a breakfast sandwich (whole grain english muffin, egg whites, cheddar and turkey bacon) on Saturday, that was nice. Still, going from a few meals out a week (sometimes, two a day), to this, is tough. Not only is it a change in diet, but a change in lifestyle. It's the lifestyle aspect that I'm having a hard time settling into. I truly enjoy dining out. I miss the conversation while waiting for the meal, digging into a dish I didn't prepare, and having someone wait on and clean up after me. These days I prep, cook, and clean. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

I certainly don't want to break our stride. We're making great progress (21 lbs for him, 9 lbs for me). I was spoiled, and now I'm being pouty. When I do get a good meal out, I'll enjoy it that much more -- that's for sure.


Jay said...

Congrats, those are some great weight loss numbers!

I too love the experience of dining out...especially while on vacations. For whatever reason, dining out and then coming back home is kind of a let down. Is that strange or what? haha

By the way, the dishes that you prepare look and sound scrumptious. I simply don't have the patience to do all of the work *or* buy all of those great ingredients. Yes, that is me being lazy. ;o)

Kellee said...

I'm actually buying less groceries now, which is pretty bizarre since I'm buying food for all of our meals. But menu planning has me spending less and wasting less.

After vacation I miss having maids. It's so nice to have everything straightened while you're away. I get the let down.