October 29, 2010


That's what I call Halloween. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Disneyland gets a slew of princesses and Minnie Mouse. The kiddies can keep their playground, we have our own in Sin City. There is no better display than on Halloween. Here, you can expect slutty Belle, sleazy Cinderella, and mischievous Minnie. This year the holiday falls on Sunday, so that means a whole weekend of fun.

You can check out a list of ideas over at LLV, Vegas Values: Freaky Festivities. Last year, we spent Halloween night downtown and at Hard Rock. It was a riot. I'd like to get out this weekend and see the crowds all dressed up. But I'm not sure what's in store. We have a hectic couple weekends ahead, so we're playing this one by ear.

I plan to be home on Sunday to hand out candy. I've searched online and asked a few people about trick-or-treating times, but I'm still clueless. I need to ask more parents with kids in school. One ought to know. I like seeing the kids all dressed up in their cute costumes. It brought new joy to the holiday. The five years we lived at the condo, I had one trick-or-treater. It figured it was the last year we lived there, I didn't even bother to buy candy. I ended up handing out a stash in my purse that I took from work. We've had a great turn out each year at the house. I expect the same again, but there might be less. We have quite a few foreclosures this year. Even more than last year, I believe. And last year was bad.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the holiday. It brings back fond memories from my childhood, and my teenage years. I dressed up each year, I was 17 the last time I trick-or-treated (pictured below). For many years, we had a haunted yard, which later became a haunted garage. People came from all over the Chicago burbs to see us, it was great fun and some of my fondest memories.

Happy a happy, safe (and sexy) Halloween!


Jay said...

Ok, I really like this new name. You must become an advocate for it and see that the name is changed! lol

I've seen fewer and fewer trick or treaters as well. I remember when I was a kid, the neighborhood was super busy...it was so much fun. Funny how things have changed (or at least our perceptions of things have changed).

Do you wear a costume when handing out candy? Have fun!

Kellee said...

It seems like the malls and such do more now for trick or treaters than when we were kids. Maybe that's why there are less each year?

No costume. I just played the role of housewife. Cleaning, and cooking...